Why Velo?

Velo Electrique has grown and has changed its name to BOXER CYCLES and is now producing an exciting new range of UK Manufactured family and delivery cargo trikes. Visit our new webswite here www.boxercycles.com


With 40% of all car trips being only 2 miles away from the home, a cargo bike is the perfect solution to replace the car on these short (and sometimes quite long!) trips. A cargo bike can be used to replace a car on trips such as the school run, supermarket run and recreational trips.

The creator of the Velo Electrique concept is Jeremy Davies who has had many years of experience working in the  field s of sustainability, renewable energy and future technology.

I had always wanted to get rid of the second car and move to a more sustainable and healthy way of doing trips, but when I looked in to cargo bikes I was pretty shocked to see the prices of the Danish brands. It just didn’t add up, you could go into Halfords and purchase a really well engineered mountain or road bike for £300, why should one with an extra wheel and a plywood box cost so much more?

I tried a couple out and quickly realised they were too heavy to use on the hills around our house, especially with a 26kg dog, a bag full of beach stuff and a 6 and a 3 year old.

It dawned on me the reason that cargo bikes weren’t everywhere in the UK was because in general we have lots of hilly roads. I took a punt and bought a cargo bike and added an electric drive unit and lithium battery. Bingo! It went up hills, pulled out of junctions and was zippy and fun to use. \it kept my kids dry and warm even in the coldest winter and just opened up our lives.

Little did I know the extra benefits that using a cargo bike would unfold, things like free parking, parking in the high street pedestrian area, driving right into the school yard and dodging all the traffic.

The list went on and on and we now ride our cargo bike wherever and whenever we can, trying always to push the boundaries on how far we go and what we carry on our trips. It now plays a very important part in our family’s health and happiness. We feel a great sense of freedom in owning such a vehicle and we realise how restricted our freedom had become in the motor car, something that has always been heralded as the single biggest icon of personal freedom. Cars are hard to park where you want to park them, they stifle your experience of the environment and they also destroy it with their emissions.

Velo Electrique was formed as a brand that provides attractive, affordable cargo bikes with electric power as standard. The ‘Velo’ is designed to work to the limits of the electric tricycle legislation to provide a solid, flexible and powerful alternative to the motor car. Once you start riding your Velo you will quickly want to try new trips and try new loads in the reconfigurable cargo area.

We are already adapting our customers bikes to carry wheelchairs, wind surfing boards, kids bikes and many more bits of kit that need to be lugged around.

Ditch the car  – Go Velo!

Jeremy Davies