Velo Electrique starts new UK Cargo Bike Manufacturing Company ‘Boxer Cycles’

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At last our hard work of the last two years has paid off and we have launched our new brand Boxer Cycles Ltd or Boxer for short!  Visit our new website to see our new range of UK produced trikes.

We will continue to sell the Anglo-Chinese Velo Electrique E250 family cargo trike as the Boxer ‘Transporter’ because after two years of tweaking, it has become a reliable and low cost cargo bike that our customers greatly enjoy. You can view the Boxer Transporter page here. 

As part of our expansion, we have created three completely new UK designed and manufactured trikes,

The Boxer Shuttle, The Boxer Rocket and the Boxer Cargo.

The Boxer Shuttle has an aluminium frame and front chassis with vastly improved geometry which delivers exceptional handling and performance. It features Hydraulic front disc brakes, hand built ultra strong wheels, reclining seats and a hidden battery to improve its looks. The trike is available in two versions the Electric motor assisted E-Shuttle and the non electric Shuttle.

The non electric Shuttle has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and 7 speed dérailleur gears which deliver 24 speeds including a 34 tooth ‘crawler gear’ to help you get up those steep hills. The Electric version has a 7 speed derailleur and a 250W motor with LCD display which shows the trikes speed and distance covered.

The Shuttle features the same ample sized cargo box as the Transporter but with a variety of beautifully designed panels available along with the standard colours. It also has reclining seats which allow your kids to doze off safely and if you really want your children to rest properly whilst you are out and about the seats fold flat to make a bed that is 1 meter by 65cm wide.

Take a look at the full specification page for the Shuttle here please bear with us as we are still waiting to complete a photoshoot that shows the Shuttle in its full glory, the current photos show a Transporter with the new colour swatch panels on it.

Our next new trike is the Boxer Rocket – a work of art as well as a cargo trike, it features our new incredibly strong but lightweight ‘girder’ frame and has a very high level of safety equipment including turn signal indicators, headlight with high and low beam, a horn and a brake/tail light. If you really want to be a Rocket pilot you can also order our realistic jet engine noises that correspond to the throttle position – includign engine startup and shut down! We dont expect to sell many Rockets, but those priviledged few who purchase one will be guaranteed a riding experience like no other cargo trike. Please view the Rocket page here

For the commercial user we have designed the Boxer Cargo, it utilises the same ‘girder’ frame as the Rocket and the same aluminium chassis as the Shuttle and Rocket giving it excellent rideability and strength. The roller shutter door provides rapid access to loads as well as instant security. The whole front cargo box can be removed in a few seconds by sliding it off its docking rails, this allows the trike to be used to carry multiple different custom built front ends or to have multiple cargo boxes which will be especially useful for delivery companies or vendors running summer and winter vending points without the need to purchase two different trikes.


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