Velo E350 is born!

April 24, 2014 1 Response Posted in:

We have just assembled our first UK built trike which will be known as the E350 when we are up to full production speed. The frame components are all made here in Poole in the UK. We are now taking advance orders on this model which has a 3mm thick tube wall and a number of other features that will make it the strongest road legal cargo bike frame on the market. When we conduct our full load tests we expect it to be able to carry much heavier loads in the front section than the E250’s 120kg load making the chassis suitable for rickshaw and other heavy load applications.

The pictures below show the running frame without the cable tidy’s fitted (hence the cable ties) the battery fitted is our older version and we will be upgrading to a bottle type battery mounted on the front frame to allow the rear rack to be removed for towing tag-a-long bikes for older children . On early tests, it has proven to be very sturdy with next to no flex in the frame. It is fitted with a 100mm bottom bracket to facilitate the fitment of 3.5 inch mud tyres and also will have  rear rack bosses to take a much stronger rear load carrying rack.

We are offering two options the standard E350 which will be £2055 including raincover and seats but not lights  – call us for more information.

Both models will have front and rear discs and built in mounting points for the front children’s bike rack and rear rack.

We are taking advance orders now and will be able to deliver in 8 weeks (probably sooner).

velo electrique E350 frame 008 velo electrique E350 frame 007 velo electrique E350 frame 006 velo electrique E350 frame 005 velo electrique E350 frame 004 velo electrique E350 frame 003 velo electrique E350 frame 002 velo electrique E350 frame 001Call us to find out more!

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