Off road Ice Cream Vending Tricycle – Electric power is the only way!

April 23, 2014 1 Response Posted in:

I have just come back from doing the annual service on the Brownsea Island electric ice cream vending tricycle, its in tip-top shape due to the offshore specification paint that we used to stop corrosion in the salt spray laden island air.

I took the trike for a test drive and tried to pedal it without electric power – no chance!!! The combination of un-sealed roads and the heavy freezer unit on the front mean that if you you had a non-electric trike you would really struggle to  get it up any hill even if you got off and pushed. The VendorXcross trike got around he island very well despite the wet conditions.


Ice Cream Vending tricycle brownsea VendorX 055 brownsea VendorX 056 brownsea VendorX 059 brownsea VendorX 062 brownsea VendorX 063 brownsea VendorX 064 brownsea VendorX 065 brownsea VendorX 066 Ice Cream Vending tricycle

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